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History of Model Town Lahore

  • The Society was declared as Evacuee property in 1947 (after partition) as 85% of the plots belonged to non Muslims who migrated to India .  
  • At the time of partition, total Number of Members of Society were 1366, out of which 277 were Muslims & Christians and 1089 were Hindus, Sikhs. 
  • In 1960 the Chief Settlement & Rehabilitation Commissioner  allowed it as Legal entity and was allowed to be registered as Cooperative Model Town Society on the payment of Rs. 100/- in Government Treasury as token money.  All Assets & liabilities of the old Society including those properties declared Evacuee were transferred to the present Society.  
  • New Bye-Laws of the Society were  registered under the Cooperative Societies Act 1925. 
  • The basic object of the Society, however continued to be the same as originally planned, namely to promote the economic and social interests of its members and more  to lay out, establish and maintain a garden town”. 


  • Struggle for restoration from 1982 to 2002.
  • Supreme Court restored the Society in 1998 but it remained a mystery till 2002.
  • First Election after restoration held in Sep 2002.
  • It functioned till Jun-2004 (18 months) and again superseded due to rifts.
  • Formation of General Body as Delegate Body.
  • Administrative Committee (April 2004 to Dec 2004).
  • Taken over again by DCO till Dec 2005.
  • High Court struck down all new amendments before election.
  • Present Management elected on 26 Dec 2005 and President on 6th Jan 2006.

An Overview

In 1976, LDA acquired 500 acres for Rs. 7.5 crore and created Model Town Extension. Model Town is divided into ten blocks. The break up of
present area is as under:


819 acres



29 acres



278 acres


Nurseries & Play Grounds

59 acres


Green area (Parks)

278 acres



1463 acres



To promote the economic and Social interests of its members and more particularly to lay out, establish and maintain a garden town. (Bye-Law 4)

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