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  • Security:042-35837061-62
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1. Electricity and water works section.

  • Maintenance of power house and supervision of distribution system.
  • Installation of new-connections.
  • Maintenance and supervision of street lights.
  • Surveillance of checking of pilferage of electric energy.
  • Supply and maintenance of water supply.
  • Sanctioning of new connection.

2. Sanitation and Public Health Section

  • Maintenance of Sanitation and public health.
  • Anti-malaria activities.
  • Maintenance of cattle ponds.

3. Engineering Section

  • Maintenance and construction of roads.
  • Maintenance and construction of sewerage.
  • Maintenance and supervision of commercial markets shops and houses.
  • Determination of Municipal charges.
  • Supervision and implementation of building regulations.
  • Checking and approval of Building Plans.

4. Land, Rent and Buidding Section

  • Maintenance and lease of Agriculture Land (Nurseries).
  • Maintenance of lease money accounts.
  • Supervision of canal water supply.
  • Collection of rent of Society’s property.
  • Collection of rent of commercial plots and shops etc.
  • Maintenance of Rent Accounts.

5. Watch and Ward Section

  • Supervision of Watch & Ward guards.
  • Supervision of Society’s property.
  • Auction of fallen trees and fruits.

6. Horticulture Section

  • Maintenance and Development of Parks and Public Gardens
  • Plantation of Flowers and Trees
  • Strive for keeping Model Town green

7. Enrolment Member

  • Enrolment of Member through transfer of Property or inheritance.

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